FOILS HAVE BEEN REVISED ( see latest news )


AUD $ 19,500 ( Bargin )

The sale of STING #1 will fund the building of the 3rd STING 600 to complete the Trilogy.

This will be the STING 600 Mini Coastal Cruiser having a double berth, galley and navigation area. Both center board and rudder are auto kick up if hitting an obstacle.

See the STING 600 latest news. 

Plans Now Available

Video showing main hull kissing water at 9 knots.

Winds forecast for 15 knots at Tin Can Bay so made the decision to leave screecher at home.

Unfortunately winds proved to be much less and our average hull speed with jib and mainsail was 7-8 knots..


On 17th November at Lake Macquarie further foiling tests were performed.

We did manage to fly STING #1  which was a thrilling achievement for me and Steve Duf on the helm.

The chase boat didn't turn up to video and video i took on boat has proved to be a problem to show on web site. I plan to return to Lake Macquarie soon and Chris Johnson who took photos and sailing video at last years Multihull Championship will document foiling. There are a couple of improvements that i'm now working on along with two lightweight bench seats 1.8m long that clip onto outer hulls.

A big thank you to Chris Johnson for allowing his video and photos taken at National Multihull Championship

to be posted on my website

This video presented by Peter Schwarzel .

Peter has CNC machined foil plugs and is currently programming the blends or knuckles for my differential two stage foils.

Click on video to view demonstration.

STING #1 was towed by local Coast Guard. Peter Schwarzel joined me for this important first foil test. Peter has engineered the foiling profile and performance modeling along with the structural laminate construction for elevator and forward wing foils. Due to impending 20 knot winds and rain squalls our tow testing was limited but sufficient to prove foils had adequate lift. The forward foils were set in the plumb position and the two stage differential foils performed as design. We only needed to adjust rudder elevator two clicks to achieve flight. The turbulence from the tow boat two propellers was extreme and we were amazed that the wing foils produce any lift at all. Our next test will be under sail during the comming months.

The STING #1 Team

L to  R   

Steve Duf,       Helmsman (Captain Bligh)

Trish Fitzroy,  Navigator / deck hand

Len Surtees,   Designer / builder / deck hand

(crew all over 60 years and having extreme fun)

Fastest time 3rd Division

2018 National Multihull


took line honors in its 3 official races

31st July 2018 at, Tin Can Bay, Queensland

Design features tick of approval 

Outer hulls, floats,amas Stability, Tacking, Nets, Main sail, furling  self  tacking jib,

Screecher, Dagger board, Rudder and helm, Swing beams and auto lock,

2018 National Multihull sailing report

STING #1 very first sail was at Wangi, Lake Macquarie the day before the National Championship. With very little time to evaluate and sort out boat the Sunday shake down non official race showed STING #1 potential.. We came a close second behind a Farrier super charged 6m Tramp. ( we had mistakenly sailed division 2 course which is a 3rd longer ).

Race 1: still getting used to boat we won line honors 

Race 2: decided not to race and sorted boat ( by doing so cost us first place in Championship. after completing all 6 races one race can be dropped but last two races were canceled due to 30-40 knot winds.

Race 3: being the only long race gave us a chance to show STING #1 over all tremendous speed ( see video ). We again won line honors with Farrier Tramp with mast head spinnaker, square top mainsail expertly sailed came in 55 minutes later.

Race 4:  the night before race winds were predicted at 20 plus knots so our race plan was to leave screecher in the van. As it turned out winds varied from 10-18 knots. all other boats flew screechers / spinnakers and with just Jib and mainsail again took line honors. Race officials then adjusted our handicapped rating which placed us into 3rd place overall.   


List of preferred material suppliers

1. Ronstan-International. Deck and Hardware Specialist

2. CG Composites. For epoxy resins and composite fabrics

3. Boat Craft Pacific. For best quality Marine Plywood

4. Multihull Tramps. Net supplier for STING 600

5. UK Sails (Brisbane Australia). Contact Gary Saxby +61 (07) 3298 5586

    STING 600 set of sails​ exclusive to Surtess Multihulls.



looking at replacing composite beams supplied by Surtees Multihulls with timber and plywood matrix so owner builder can produce them, thus reducing cost by several thousand dollars. 

A stainless steel 1x19 diagonal wire, under forward swing beam, could be required.

UPDATE: The beams have been redesigned and approved by a structural engineer. 

After completion of hydrofoil testing a shopping cart and PayPal will be available for the

following - The building plans, composite dagger board, rudder, forward wing foils and rudder T foil. Also a full set of sails and some metal fabricated items.

A shipment container for overseas clients including  3 foils, dagger board, rudder, sails and metal items will fit inside a plywood container with the dimensions 1 meter (3'-3') wide x 1.8 meter (6') long x 400mm (1'-3")  

for example    Brisbane Australia to Southampton UK   $ AUD 660  plus insurance 

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STING 600 Study Plans

for sale

2 x Lightweight Aluminium Wing Masts

(as seen on STING 600)

Sale Price AUD $990 each (Now at Bargain Price)

Can Deliver up to 500 km's at $1 per Km

Dimensions: 191mm x 90mm x 10metres long

Weight: 3.175kg/m

Alloy: 6061 T6


Jaguar Hull Split Female Molds

Sale Price AUD $400 

Can be clamped together and fit on flat bed trailer 

(Include frame templates)

For Sale

2 each new 10 mtr long Aluminium wing masts.

1 each wing mast spreader f/g mold.

S - 22 Folding cat hull molds with frame patterns.

1 each S - 22 Pivoting center board

1 each Spinnaker Top Down Furling set up, suitable for boats up to 7 mtrs. ( as new )

Please contact for prices.


Interested in placing an order or learning more? Simply reach out today.


ABN - 4173 794 5897

Tin Can Bay QLD 4580, Australia

PO Box 345