This is a low budget entry level into the world of multihull foiling that can be built by the owner builder. Construction is simple and easy, light but strong and only requires basic tools.


  • NO GADGETS is the driving design principal, keep it simple = KISS

  • STING 600 is a clever two in one design, can be sailed as a hi performance sport boat or just add the foils and your up and flying FAST.


  • 15 minutes is the designed set up time from boat ramp to launch sail ready, that's quick and that's how it should be. Hulls swing out and auto lock in seconds ( no bolts, nuts, spanners ), mast is a one person operation, 5 minutes max, hook up nets that are already in place, say 2 minutes plus bow pole clips on, Jib is part of mast forstay with most sail sheets already in place along with mast shrouds.

  • The Sports version ( non foiling ) can be sailed single handed as all sails are furling including the mainsail, the jib is self tacking. The very large furling screecher is ideal for light to moderate winds and now have a beautiful 3/4oz light air spinnaker.

  • The foiling version requires two crew, one at the helm and other moving body mass and help sail adjustments, also raise and lower forward foils.


ABN - 4173 794 5897

Tin Can Bay QLD 4580, Australia

PO Box 345