For many reasons STING #1 has been on the back burners this year.

I have decided to increase the foils surface area to allow the hulls to foil at a lower speed. The modification can be made without removing the foils from the hulls. Plan to do this in December and will update web site with progress.

The new STING 600 Mini Cruiser will have same floats as sports model. Also have the same horizontal swing beams (that the Dragonfly Trimarans have proven over 30 years.

Plans have been sent to France, UK and USA. I look forward to hear and see progress reports in the future.

Jan 10 2020 - Online Shopping Cart & PayPal now available for Sports Model.
Coming soon - the full range of STING 600 products for purchase available online. 

STING 600 Foiling Plans available after completion of foil testing. 

Payment Methods - Shopping Cart/PayPal, Direct Bank deposit or Cash. All payments are in Australian Dollars. Contact Surtees Multihulls for details.

Foiling Update 20/December 2019 .Currently updating Rudder elevator rake control with a simple push/pull finger switch mounted onto the new twin tiller extensions. The whole set up will weigh less then 2kg . Planned foiling testing is scheduled for mid January. Also have now fitted two lightweight bench seats that weigh 5 kg each. They just drop into deck mounted sockets and can  be stored in cockpit while trailering.   These seats allow easy sliding along to quickly adjust trim angle when foiling and the older sailor can trapeze in comfort.The foiling results so far are looking good such as positive tacking and jibing with all foils down, Sailing in light winds with forward foils fully up and rudder elevator set in neutral the sailing quality is still very good. Also the raising and lowering of forward foils underway are easy to operate with no  jamming.

Plans have been sold to clients in USA, Canada, UK, France and Australia.

                                        22/05/2019 Latest Update

The big trailer boat race Bay to Bay was held over 4th and 5th May. The class i raced in had three Pulse 600, two OSTAC Tramps, a Wind Rush and my STING 600. All boats were 6 mtrs long (20')

For some reason one Pulse and the Wind Rush posted no scores.

Day one course was 35 klms long and sailing close to the wind Sting 600 and a Pulse  hit the line together, the other boats were no where in sight. Sunday leg turned out to be a 40 klm light down wind sail and although we were first over the start line we didn't have a spinnaker.  so waved to the rest of fleet ( over 100 boats ) as they sailed into the distance. Now talking to my sail maker,as i need a full wardrobe of sails.

We came third overall and second in OMR beating the Pulse 600 into third place.


Have re designed main hull and amas to be built with out a strong back.

I have now simplified construction to save "time and money".  By delaying full set of plans allows for progression of ideas and i am well pleased with new simple construction methods. 


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